Our Value Proposition

Offering Value at Every Stage of Planning

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Through our financial planning processes, investment methodologies and advanced planning capabilities, CarriageGate Wealth Management is positioned to be your primary source of financial advice. Our value proposition is rooted in this thoughtful blend of traits that help set us apart from other firms:

  • Our strategies are 100% focused on you
  • We have no proprietary products to push and no quotas to meet
  • We take the time to listen and understand your goals and attitudes before explaining your options and making sure you're equipped to make informed decisions
  • Once your plans are in place, we report your progress and remain accessible to discuss any questions or concerns
  • We help you understand your exposure to risks and take the steps towards reducing those risks to acceptable levels so you can protect your family and strive for your financial goals with confidence
  • Without intentional planning, taxes can be an extraordinary hurdle on the journey to financial security
  • We continually seek opportunities to help you employ proven tax reduction and, if inclined, philanthropic strategies to enhance your family's ultimate value, both in terms of net worth and impact on society
  • Highly credentialed and licensed, we have served modestly affluent families and business owners like you for more than thirty years
  • While our processes continue to evolve, the core of our approach has endured
  • Our strategic team structure offers you a dedicated local advisory team coupled with subject matter experts available on-demand to help you pursue your goals
  • Our relationship with LPL Financial provides us with financial planning case review, independent market research, compliance oversight, innovative technology, and ongoing practice management consulting and training

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