Our Wealth Management Process

We Make It Easy to Work With Us

At CarriageGate Wealth Management, we help our clients put financial plans in place and stick to them.

Here's a snapshot of how we will work with you:

  • We begin by listening to your story, asking questions, and gathering information about your current investments and attitudes
  • We look to understand your goals, resources, and preferences
  • Gaps in your current financial plan are discussed and prioritized
  • Your risk tolerance is determined and will serve as a touchstone for your new plan
  • Together we decide whether it's appropriate to move ahead
  • We present an initial plan with a Financial Action Checklist
  • Recommendations are presented for high-priority financial planning strategies
  • Our approach aims to help you invest within your risk boundaries and to stay focused on the long term, which is fundamental to creating better outcomes
  • With your approval to move ahead, we open and fund your new account with us
  • We address any final questions and put your investment plan to work
  • We take steps to implement the remaining financial planning recommendations
  • A 45-day meeting is scheduled in which we'll confirm your progress and create your personal Client Engagement Roadmap 
  • We regularly monitor your plans and check in with you for periodic updates
  • New strategies or tactics may be explored
  • Changes are recommended as appropriate
  • Most importantly, we are always available to answer any questions you might have
  • Our mission is to consistently deliver the service you deserve

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