Our Services

Valued Strategies for Your Business Priorities

You work hard every day to build a strong future for your company and its employees,and your dedication shows in the results you deliver to your customers and stakeholders.

We’re equally dedicated to the financial well-being of both you and your business. We offer access to quality investment and insurance strategies customized to address the individual needs of businesses of every size and in all stages of development.

Based on our thorough understanding of both opportunities and challenges you face, we can provide comprehensive strategies to address your business needs while delivering a high level of customer service.

Our primary services for business needs include:

  • When a business owner retires or becomes unable to work, the future of the business and its employees can come into question. Succession Planning arrangements help ensure a smooth transition between current and new business ownership.
  • A Buy/Sell agreement represents a predetermined plan to sell a business in the event the owner retires, becomes disabled, or passes away. It can provide the company with financial protection and ensure the continuation of business, despite the absence of an owner. The plan is usually funded through life insurance and provides immediate cash upon the death of an owner. The agreement also helps to establish a fair selling price for the estate and maintain the long-term financial objectives of the company.
  • Key Person Insurance protects businesses from the adverse effects of losing important personnel—specifically employees with a particular expertise or who have earned credibility with customers, vendors, or creditors. At death, the life insurance policy provides funds to help recruit and train new staff, replace lost profits, and strengthen the company’s balance sheet to help assure creditors and suppliers about continuity in the firm.
  • We start with a comprehensive review of your tax picture to identify opportunities to optimize tax reduction strategies
  • Then, we review your tax returns and planning to identify suitable techniques to incorporate which can help you pursue your business and personal goals more effectively
  • We offer complimentary consultations with your tax preparer to ensure your entire team is on the same page
  • We work with you to stay up-to-date on and present aspects of new tax laws that can effect your situation
  • A quality retirement plan ranks as a top priority when candidates are considering potential employers. We help you select from a broad range of plans including 401k, SoloK, profit sharing, cash balance, defined benefit, ESOP and more. Your strategy will be tailored to match your company size, compensation structures, and culture, reinforcing recruitment efforts and helping boost the overall satisfaction of talented employees. Plus, many employer-sponsored plans can offer significant tax advantages to the company.
  • We will work with you to arrange additional services, such as education and enrollment seminars, that will help give all personnel a thorough understanding of their retirement plan.
  • Another tool employers can use to attract, retain, and reward key employees is non-qualified deferred compensation, an employer-provided plan that can be offered to a select group of executives or employees. Simply stated, the employer and employee enter into an agreement utilizing insurance to defer a portion of the employee’s income until a future date.
  • Regardless of which retirement plan you choose, we will be there with you year after year to monitor it's effectiveness and recommend adjustments or updates as needed.
  • A Section 162 Executive Bonus plan is a form of "golden handcuffs". It is a way to attract, reward, and retain key employees using life insurance. With this type of plan, the employer takes out a life insurance policy on a key employee. The employee is the owner of the policy, and gets to determine the beneficiaries and manage the funds within the policy. The employer covers the cost of the policy by periodically giving the employee a bonus big enough to pay the policy premiums. The employee then pays the premiums to the insurance carrier.

    When the employee reaches retirement age — or sooner, depending on how the arrangement is set up — they can access the cash value of the policy for extra income if they want. If the employee dies, the death benefit of the policy would go to their family or other named beneficiaries.

    The only major downside to an insurance-based Section 162 Executive Bonus plan is that when the employee leaves the company, the policy goes with him or her. You’re no longer obligated to pay the premiums, but you also don’t recoup any of the value of the policy you’ve been paying for.

  • Split Dollar Insurance can be a solution to the downside of the executive bonus plan. With this type of arrangement, the employer and employee agree to share ownership of a permanent cash-value life insurance policy and jointly decide how to split the policy’s cash value, premium costs, and death benefit. These features thereby create a mechanism for the employer to recover some or all of their cost depending on circumstances. Split dollar insurance is a complex area, but under the right conditions offers a powerful tool to attract and retain key employees.
  • Employee benefits can represent a major expense to your business. In turn, the health and well-being of your workers cannot be overrated. We work with you to review your current benefits and explore the value of additional offerings.
  • Then, we go to market and partner with appropriate subject matter experts to shop for and implement your updated benefits package.
  • Benefits can include, but are not limited to
    • Medical insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Long-term care insurance
    • Vision plans
    • Cafeteria plans
    • Flexible savings accounts
    • Health savings accounts
    • Retiree medical insurance
    • Salary reimbursement plans
    • ... and more
  • In all cases, cost control and simplified administration are emphasized.

A steady influx of cash is a byproduct of a successful business, but what you do with that cash can have a real impact on your total revenue each year. We offer access to a variety of cash management services, each customized to address the individual goals of businesses of all sizes. Because no one strategy is right for every business need, we’ll take the time to carefully discuss with you the risks and advantages of each option

  • Cash Enhancement Strategy

If your time horizon is between 9 and 24 months, a cash enhancement strategy may fit your needs. Using a separately managed account constructed of short-duration, investment-grade, fixed income investments can help boost yields on cash reserves while enabling the preservation and stability of principal and providing a high level of liquidity. To ensure optimum effectiveness, your portfolio can be customized to address the specific cyclical expenditures and cash flow requirements of your business.

  • Cash Management

We can provide you with access to a complete line of fixed income solutions. We will work with you to develop a portfolio of short-term instruments designed to address your specific cash flow needs. Combining exceptional customer service with portfolio strategy, analysis, and trading recommendations, we offer access to competitive rates on a variety of money market instruments, including Treasury bills, agency discount notes, and commercial paper

  • Additional cash management services
    • Brokered CDs
    • Commercial paper
    • U.S. government Treasuries
    • Agency discount investments
    • Municipal floaters